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Remembering Rayshard Brooks

The Legacy of Rayshard Brooks

Remembering Rayshard Brooks

Have you heard the story of the bird who had wings but never could fly? He was caged for his beauty but no one ever gave him a chance to show he could fly. This is the story of Rayshard Brooks, whose wings were clipped too soon. On Friday, June 12, 2020,  an Atlanta Police Officer,Garrett Rolfe, shot him three times in the back where he died, just trying to escape the cage, in the middle of a Wendy’s parking lot. The next day the news reported another black man was killed, another father lost, another husband lost, another brother lost, another bird who will never fly, lost.  But Rayshard Brook’s life was bigger than just a murder headline.

He was a father, husband, brother, son and friend. He worked hard to provide for his family and loved even harder.  If he had $2.00 and someone asked for $1.50 he would give his last. He loved to sing, dance and eat good. But most of all he loved being a dad and making his children smile. Imagine a cool dad coming into the house and making the kids smile and laugh and that’s Rayshard everyday. The story is not just in how he died, but truly in how he lived and how he showed others how to live as well. He was powerful, just as in his death, as he was in his life.

So we salute Brother Rayshard Brooks for igniting the fire to fuel a movement to celebrate his life and the lives of so many others who never got to fly. We dedicate our struggle and fight for justice, freedom and victory for black lives to him. We pledge never to stop fighting, never let up, never put down our armor for a second until the battle is won. That is why we commemorate his life and death with the Rayshard Brooks Memorial and Peace Center as a testament of our pledge and to keep his memory alive in the hearts and minds of all who fight this fight with us.

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